Dowling Group




Dan Dowling
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor, Chemistry Department
Phone: 617-287-5853
Email: daniel dot dowling at umb dot edu
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Michael Dowling-Seward
The lab toddler




Andrew Gnann (postdoc, associated with the BIC)
Team: natural product biosynthesis and DNA modifications
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319
andrew dot gnann001 at umb dot edu




Reyaz Gonzalez (graduate student, Chemistry Department, Biological Track)
Team: natural product biosynthesis and Radical SAM enzymes
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319
reyaz dot gonzalez001 at umb dot edu





Jeremy Liew (graduate student, Chemistry Department, Green Chemistry Track)
Team: flavin-dependent monooxygenases and DNA transcription regulators
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319
jeremy dot liew001 at umb dot edu




Jonathan Webb (graduate student, Chemistry, Analytical Track)
Team: natural product biosynthesis and DNA base modification
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319
jonathan dot webb001 at umb dot edu





Jayata Shailesh Mawani (graduate student, IB Program)
Team: flavin-dependent monooxygenases and natural product biosynthesis
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319
j dot mawani001 at umb dot edu




Sadira Walker (graduate student, Chemistry, Green Track)
Team: flavin-dependent monooxygenases
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319
sadira dot walker001 at umb dot edu





Marcus Sandaire (undergraduate student)
Team: natural products and metalloenzymes
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319






Obadele Bello Roufai (undergraduate student)
Team: DNA base modification
Lab Phone: 617-287-3319




Former Lab Members



Nicole Cayting (undergraduate student)




Alice Wong (undergraduate student)






Tori Cordeiro (undergraduate student)








AudreyAnn Supreme (undergraduate student)






Courtney Truong (undergraduate student)







Israa ElSaudi (undergraduate student)








Clara Barthelemy (undergraduate student)






Catherine Gaitanakis (undergraduate student)








Simon Johnson (undergraduate student)





Christopher Kim (undergraduate student)








Jessica Soule (Master's student)






Brian Henriquez (undergraduate)







Viet Dieu (undergraduate)






Mark MacRae (undergraduate)






MacKenzie Patterson (undergraduate)





Yuan Xia (Master's student)





Dhruval Amin (undergraduate)






Andrem Heim (undergraduate)







Sarah Slogan (undergraduate)







Andy Pham (undergraduate)







Samender Randhawa (undergraduate)






Susana Ruiz (undergraduate)







John Zhang (undergraduate)